Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day Care Christmas Pagent!

Every year, Grandma Linda has the children re-enact the Christmas Story. This year, my angel was an angel.

My little star, was the Star of Bethlehem. See how he shines?

Here's the whole gang in costume. They managed to get through the program this year with out crying.
See last year's post.

After the program the kids get to do a pinata and exchange gifts. As always, a good time was had by all.

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Every year during the month of December there is a night time parade where all the floats are covered in Christmas lights. It's called the Holidazzle. Laura and I thought it would be a great idea to load all the kids on the train for trip into Downtown. We'd grab a quick bite to and then bundle up for the parade. The kids will totally love it!

Here they are... so excited to ride the train.

Wait a minute... look who else is on the train!!

As it turns out, bringing two children downtown with one parent is NOT a good idea. Not without a lease at least. Laura thankfully had her husband along. In addition, she doesn't have Colton as a son. God bless the child and his curiosity. I think I had about 50 panic attacks. I was trying to carry all of our crap and hang on to 2 kids. Kyla did well, she stayed close by. Colton, however, would just take off! Either that or he would get so absorbed by what he was staring at that he wouldn't pay attention to where the rest of us went. GRRRR! Of course downtown was packed, which increased my anxiety ten fold. Colton fell in love with the escalators, so worse case, look for an escalator and there he would be. WHEW!

When it came time to bundle up, Colton wanted nothing to do with it. So now here we are, Laura's kids are happily getting dressed and here I am completely stressed out and desperately trying to keep it together while my son is screaming and carrying on. HONESTLY!

We finally get outside and my two children start fighting. I mean pushing, shoving, the whole nine yards (picture Laura's kids patiently standing and waiting for the parade to start). If I had my car down there we would have left. Unfortunately, we were stuck. With the wind chill it was down to zero degrees and my kids were fighting. This is fun! We finally made it through the parade and then my kids start crying because they're cold. Who could blame them? I couldn't wait for the evening to be over. As we made our way back to the train station, I was trying to carry all of our crap, Colton, and trying to hold Kyla's hand. The kids cried the whole way there. I can honestly say that I will NEVER do that again. To my I was surprise Laura and Steve were willing to hang out again after all of that! We didn't scare them off!

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Kyla's Gift From Grandma Nancy

Grandma Nancy wanted to take Kyla to Build-A-Bear for her birthday. She had the great idea of taking the train all the way down. Kyla had picked out a special outfit out weeks in advance for her trip and wouldn't wear it until then.

Here we are at the train station...

Kyla's first time on a train. Look at that face! Do you think she's excited?


Here she is giving her special bear a heart.

And here is "Emma's" outfit...

After Build-A-Bear we went for lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. What a cool place. We managed to finish our lunch during a tropical storm!

What a long, but fun day. I think we all slept good that night.

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Happy Birthday, Kyla!

My sweet little girl is 6 going on 16. For her birthday party we had a Tea Party! How cute. All these little girls all dressed up... Pinkies up, Ladies!

See the slide show for all the pictures.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy Halloween!

The Annual Halloween Parade! We started with 6 adults and 6 children and we grew to 11 adults and 10 children. What fun!! The kids had a blast!

I thought I was so smart... giving Colton a sucker so he'd stay awake on the way home. Nice work, Mom!

The Power Ranger and the witch.

For the past couple of years, Brady decorates the trailer and loads it up with Hay bales. Then we invite some friends and their children out to go Trick or Treating with us. This year we had the Weinhold and Matson Families. Aren't the kids cute?

Colton, Kyla, Brynn, Blake, and Jakob.

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Apple Jacks 2010

Fall Fun.

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Colton Turns 4!

Already my baby is 4 years old. Wow.

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First Day of School.

Kyla's first day of school! She was so excited it was hard not to be excited with her!

The fam'.

Here she is getting on the bus...

And yes. We were those annoying parents that see their child get on the bus, drive to the school and see her get off of the bus, and then stalk her as she walks to her classroom. Our baby. A kindergartner.

And here she is getting off the bus at the end of the day.

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State Fair!!

Our annual State Fair trip. Every year we go to the State Fair with my parents and usually my brother and his family. Kris, Justina and the kids took this year off since Judaya had already started school (dumb). The weather wasn't the greatest, cool with some sprinkles here and there, but because of that the crowds were less. One of the kids favorite stops is the "Big Slide." Mom and Dad kinda like it too.
We took the kids to the "Lil Farm Hands." How cute! They donned aprons and were given chores. At the end our their hard days work they received some play money for their efforts and then shopped at the General Store.

FAIR DO! Kyla wanted a "Fair-do" and who am I to deny the child?
Because of the inclimate weather, when it started to sprinkle she gladly wore a rain bonnet so she wouldn't lose her blue.

SPAM! My dad and I love Spam. That's right, I LOVE SPAM. I'm not embaraased! I LOVE SPAM! YUM!

We were just in time for the daily parade! Colton LOVES fire engines. Just look at that face!

My adorable little Blue Belle.

The rides. Every year Grandma and Grandpa dump a ton of money on ride tickets for the kids. I don't think there was a ride there that they missed.

While shopping in the Grand Stand, Kyla became an inspiration to a demonstrator.

Tired kiddos. They did a great job. We got to the State Fair around 9:30am and left around 8:00pm. What a day!

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